The Mentorship Program

Bridging the gap between class room concepts and the real world work environment.

The Mentorship Program is a new initiative that will help facilitate student learning and connect WCM members with industry professionals with real world experience.  The program provides a great outreach opportunity and a chance for students to learn from industry professionals. WCM members will be able to learn from industry professionals through a series of questions and answers in an open and comfortable environment.

  • Mentor Benefits

    • Ability to have a positive effect on a student’s career ambitions
    • Opportunity to grow relationships with young business leaders
    • Provide constructive feedback to help students better reach their goals

  • Mentee Benefits

    • Learn from an industry professional with real world experiences
    • Better understand how to achieve their goals and obtain invaluable knowledge
    • Understand the value of mentorship and begin to develop a strong relationship

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