2017 – 2018

WCM holds weekly educational seminars to teach the fundamentals in understanding the financial services industry. Please find some presentations below.

The Capital Markets

An introduction to the Capital Markets and world of finance.

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Careers in Finance

Learning the different job functions in the financial industry.

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Getting the Job

Establishing relationships and building a resume.

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Major Events in Financial History

An in-depth overview of the 2008 financial crisis.

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Financial Securities

The fundamentals: stocks, bonds, securities.

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Stock Pitch

How to build and present a stock pitch.

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Financial Statements

Understanding the three-statement model and its function.

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Valuation techniques: relative, intrinsic, and best practices.

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Applications, interview preparation and landing the job.

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Excel-erate your knowledge of a banker's most powerful tool.

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The Complete Investment Banking Course

An in-depth Introduction to the World of Investment Banking.

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